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Design & Art

Functional Team Lead - Veronica Pendleton

  • To offer design (aesthetic and organizational) assistance to departments on print and digital material promoting events, initiatives, research, etc.
  • To produce and implement print and digital material to support the college and the Dean’s initiatives.
  • To collaborate with the web and infrastructure team to design, build and organize digital media in the most aesthetically appealing, accessible and sustainable manner possible.
  • To collaborate with special events to design and produce collateral materials to support the promotion and function of college events.
  • To collaborate with video production on the design and presentation of motion graphics to enhance their work.
  • To collaborate with recruitment to design and produce material to attract potential students to the college.
  • To collaborate with development to design and produce material which encourages donations from alumni and community to help support the college, its mission and initiatives.
  • To improve upon existing design material to enhance the function of our college, to highlight faculty, staff, their research and other work in a positive manner.
  • To seek opportunities to improve upon the aesthetics and usability of material released by the college to better align those materials with our mission and initiatives.

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