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Web Services & Application Development


  • Build & administer websites
    • Help faculty, staff and students with web presence and collaboration
    • Implement, modify and customize supported CMS’s
  • Maintain websites
    • Maintain the College’s main website and all other supported websites (departments, programs, initiatives, research, ...etc.)
    • Train faculty, staff, and students to become content moderators for their departments and any other websites they are part of
  • Web presence & research
    • SEO best practices
    • Research new technologies to help improve web services
  • Software development to meet researcher needs
    • Modular enhancements to supported CMS software
    • Integrations with third-party software
    • Facilitate discussion and understanding between technologists and scholars
    • Analyze and present data in meaningful ways
  • Collaborate with web and infrastructure teams
    • Help manage upgrade and enhancements to existing infrastructure
    • Support internal tools and functional teams
    • Participate in enterprise-scope research computation groups