Instructions for Submissions of Proposals


Courses are submitted through Curriculog.  Detailed instructions on how to submit course proposals may be found on the Univesity Senate webpage.  

Programs are still submitted via PDF.  All program proposals should be submitted to camille harmon ( for processing. Program Proposal forms can be found on the Univeristy Senate webpage.

SEE BELOW for temporary one semester course offerings as A&S 100-xxx, A&S 300-xxx, or A&S 500-xxx.

All program proposal files are sent as word (.doc or docx) files to: Anna Bosch, and Camille Harmon, A&S EPC Secretary, to be posted to the EPC SharePoint for review.  Provide to the A&S Dean's Office, rm 249 in Suite 202 Patterson Office Tower, a signed Signature Routing Log (SRL) which is the final page of the Senate curricular forms.  On the SRL, enter the following contact info: dept. director of undergraduate and/or graduate studies, chair and A&S Dean's Office (Anna Bosch, Associate Dean, 7-6689,


The application for a new course requires a syllabus. The entire course description, including a statement of prerequisites, cannot exceed 600 characters and spaces.

If you are proposing a major change to a course, please attach a syllabus that reflects the desired change.

If you are proposing an on-line option for a new or existing course, please have a prelinimary email exchange with your department chair and Anna Bosch, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, prior to online submission. 

Temporary courses for one semester may be offered under the A&S 100 or 300 or 500 prefix.  Submit the Reguest Memo and a syllabus to preferrably a month prior to the schedule-building deadline for the term taught.  The same process applies for offering a temporary UK Core course with a UKC prefix

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