2015 Culture Committee Survey

2015 Culture Committee Survey

Our College of Arts & Sciences has absolutely amazing staff members who give their all each and every day and strive to exceed the goal of our mission: Through Excellence, enable the faculty and students’ best work

The Culture Committee is charged with gauging where we are, what is good, what needs improvement, and where we need to go.  We take that seriously and are so thankful that our staff colleagues take advantage of the opportunity to participate in our annual survey; without that participation, we have no guidance.  112 surveys were completed this year.  That is an impressive number, but we would like to strive to make that number even higher next year.  An incredible 80% of you wanted your comments shared!

Because of the results from the 2014 survey, several initiatives began this year.  In certain units, individual meetings were set up with our Staff Advocate, we began the Pay it Forward campaign, and we added a suggestion/comment box on our website.  Please, tell us your ideas and suggestions!  This is a very easy way for you to communicate with us:  https://www.as.uky.edu/culture-committee

Now, I would like to share with you some result highlights from the 2015 Culture Committee Survey.

The following questions showed an upward trend in comparison with the results from the 2014 survey:

  • 97% of staff understand how their work supports education and research in the College.
  • 91% of staff feel that A&S values a flexible work culture.
  • 97% of staff can take sick and/or vacation time when needed.
  • 93% of staff are satisfied with their work-life balance.
  • 92% of staff believe that A&S values diversity.
  • 98% of staff feel they work in a place that demonstrates kindness.
  • 93% of staff would recommend A&S as a potential employer to a friend.
  • 85% of staff rated A&S staff culture as awesome or generally good, but we still have some work to do.

The following questions showed a downward trend in comparison with the results from the 2014 survey:

  • 76% of staff are comfortable pointing out issues noticed in the workplace.
  • 85% of staff feel that their department/unit fosters a cooperative attitude toward teamwork.

Overall, the College culture seems to be pointed in the right direction!  There has been a marked improvement in work-life balance satisfaction, including the fact that most everyone feels we can take vacation/sick time when needed.  We also see kindness in our workplace and value diversity.  We have also recovered from a backslide last year in fostering a more flexible work culture.

There are two areas that fell a bit from the last survey results.  It seems that staff are less confident in pointing out issues noticed in the workplace.  There was also a marked decline in people feeling that their departments and/or units as far as fostering a cooperative attitude toward teamwork.  If you have ideas and suggestions for how to help turn these issues around, please let us know!


The Culture Committee is open for new members.  To join, or for more information, please contact Christine Levitt or Erin Norton Miller: christine.levitt@uky.edu or erin.norton.miller@uky.edu.


Thank you again for your participation and all that you do to make the College of Arts & Sciences an incredible place to work, teach, and learn.



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