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How To Register TurningPoint Devices on Blackboard

This tutorial will cover how to register a ResponseCard Device ID and ResponseWare ID for TurningPoint in Blackboard.

Student Responses Not Appearing in Discussion Board

This is a tutorial regarding student responses to discussion boards not appearing for instructors. 

Where can I get Blackboard Training?

The university offers many forms of training in regards to blackboard. This tutorial will cover some of those options. 

Basics of Turning Point V5

TurningPoint 5 integrates a variety of TurningPoint applications into one easy to use environment.  PowerPoint polling, AnyWhere polling, and ResultsManager can now share participant lists across polling methods and provides easier evaluation throughout the semester. It can be downloaded for free at after using your linkblue information to login. 

"Throwing Out" a Test Question in Blackboard

As a professor, if there is a question in one of your tests that needs to be "thrown out" (either by giving everyone points for the question or just deleting it from the test itself) this is possible!  This is true even if the test has already been submitted and graded

Rearranging Courses in Your Blackboard Course List

It is possible to rearrange your course order on your Course List on your My Bb page. 

Please refer to the video below on how to do so, or continue on to the written steps below.


How to Hide Columns in Grade Center from Users

This tutorial will show you how to hide grade center columns from your students. 



How to Link to Other Course Content

One way to improve your Bb course shell is to offer a syllabus or assignment list with links that take the student directly to the assignment, so that they do not have to always try to navigate their way through menu items, folder, subfolders, etc.

Avoiding Common Issues with Blackboard Announcements

When creating an announcement in Blackboard, it is common to just copy the text from Microsoft Word. The text within Word has code attached to it that can cause major formatting issues when copied into Blackboard. Fixing/avoiding this issue is very simple and that's what we will be demonstrating in this tutorial. This method can be used for every text based function in Blackboard, not just for announcements. 

How to do a Course Copy

The following tutorial will show you how to copy over some or all of the materials in a course.

APAT/UKIT suggests the following course copy settings:


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