Staff Mission, Vision, and Five Professional Standards

A&S Staff Mission:
Through excellence, enable the faculty and students' best work.

A&S Staff Vision:
To be the most professionally-enriching community in American higher education.

A&S Staff Professional Standards:

  • Competence
    Performing ones’ work well; recognizing problems and actively identifying solutions; demonstrating initiatives; seeking feedback; being accountable; understanding how one’s work supports the goals of A&S and the University’s mission; and working with integrity.
  • Learning
    Engaging in intellectual and professional development as a life-long learner; actively participating in the improvement of the College and its function (to be a learning organization); sharing information and helping colleagues learn new roles and tasks; demonstrating a willingness to learn through continuous feedback; and being curious.
  • Respect
    Willingness to show consideration (courtesy, politeness, and kindness) to all colleagues, and their contributions to the College; encouraging an atmosphere of compassion and understanding; being able to have differing opinions and work together as colleagues; valuing differences in each other and celebrating that diversity.
  • Communication
    Responsible for thoughtful, honest, open, and productive interchange; seeking clarification as necessary, to create shared meaning and understanding; prioritizing transparency; using a professional tone; offering a timely response; being conscientious of both verbal and non-verbal style and mode; and freely giving and receiving praise and feedback.
  • Flexibility
    Being adaptable to dynamic and evolving work requirements; helping others when needed; being a team player; supporting a flexible work culture; and embracing creativity.

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