Email Newsletters

The College of Arts & Sciences subscribes to Campaign Monitor for creating and sending out templated HTML newsletters. Many of our departments have begun using the system to communicate with students, staff, donors, and alumni; and other units affiliated with A&S can also gain access to this service.


Each sent campaign creates a permanent 'web version' that can be shared with others. Here are some campaigns sent with our templates:

Who can you email

  • Department alumni (sent through the alumni association, extra time required)
  • Listservs set up through
  • Custom lists you provide us (excel sheet preferred)

Note that if your custom list is large (over 200) there may be additional costs associated, and extra time will be needed to plan for funding.


Department newsletters for alumni are currently being developed for all major areas. Many departments already have templates, but others can begin creating content using another template while theirs is prepared. New department templates can generally be made available in under a week, let us know if you need one. 

There is a general template for events that can be used, as can be seen in this example. New custom templates can be prepared, but please allow at least a month's advance notice for our team to design, prepare, and test new template requests.