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Street Performances!

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Salut tout le monde! My ever-exciting blog continues with one of my favorite aspects of travelling to and visiting a big city: street performances! In places like London and Paris (and even places like New York and Chicago!,) street performances can be quite excellent. I say, if you enjoy the show, don't hesitate to donate a little and help the musicians along. I'd like to add that, what I find really cool about a lot of street performances that I've seen in Paris, many of them aren't even bothered by the police. Or, sometimes when they are drawing particularly large crowds as some dancers often do, the police will watch with crowd, allowing the performers to finish before they break the crowd up and shoo the performers away. So go! Enjoy the talents that people are sharing with the world!

Air Travels!

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Hi everyone! My blog continues with all of the things I can think to tell you to make your travels on planes easier and more enjoyable!

London Visits!

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I visited London as the first part of my IS Winter Travel Grant trip. Now, I share with you my experiences.

Amelia Begins Blogging

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Hi everyone! My name is Amelia and I'm new to the Hive as well as A&S blogging. So, I would like to present my beginning, introductory blog which will be quicly followed by various travel related or French related blogs. I hope everyone who watches these enjoys them!