04|28|15 - Pairing "Old School" Advising With "New School" Technology - A&S is striving to enhance the student experiences that can lead to greater success. - more...
02|13|15 - STEAM High School Students Gain Unique Experience Interning at UK - In any given program and semester, college students are leaving the classroom, and often times campus, to get a glimpse of the professional world or their future career by interning. - more...
10|28|14 - Summer 2014 Research Award Recipients - Emily VanMeter and Jeremiah Brown chronicle their experiences - from the United States Holocaust Museum to a Yiddish farm. - more...
10|27|14 - Jump Starting Success: Whitney M. Young Scholars - Whitney M. Young scholars gain valuable college experience in the classroom and beyond during the summer institute. - more...
10|27|14 - Compassionate Science: Edward Lo - Graduate student Edward Lo studies the sediment patterns and hydrology of a region in Brazil called the Pantanal, which is the world’s largest freshwater wetlands. Often American geologists base their research on a region within the U.S. One of the many things that makes Lo and his work unique is his commitment to research abroad. - more...
10|24|14 - New Beginnings: Chemistry Alumni Board - In 2013, a group of Chemistry Department faculty, students and alumni met to discuss reviving the department's newsletter, and an outgrowth of that effort to re-establish communications among current and future alumni was the Chemistry Alumni Board (CAB) which held its organizational meeting on Saturday, October 11, 2014. - more...
10|23|14 - Podcast with Martha Yip -

Martha Yip joined the Department of Mathematics as an Assistant Professor in the fall o

- more...
10|23|14 - It is Time to Prepare for Priority Registration - Now is the time to prepare for winter and spring semesters! - more...
10|23|14 - Summers' New Book on the Reconstruction Captures Attention - Mark Wahlgren Summers, the Thomas D. Clark Professor of History at the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences, has published his 10th book, “The Ordeal of the Reunion: A New History of Reconstruction.” - more...
Professor Maria Bucur-Deckard Gender and War- Invisible Heroes: Women in World War One, the Case of Romania Presented by Professor Ioana Raluca Larco (Italian) ... @ WT Young Auditorium
Presented by Professor Ioana Raluca Larco (Italian) Year of Europe Film Screening: An Unforgettable Summer (Romania) @ WT Young Auditorium
Andreas Kalyvas "The Greek Crisis and the Failure of the (European) Left" The talk discusses the rise and fall of Syriza in the context of economic... @ Niles Gallery
Mario Soos, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Business and Economic Relationships between the U.S and Germany @ Niles Gallery
Presented by Professor Ted Fiedler (German) Year of Europe Film Series: Pretty Village (England/Bosnia) Film discussion to follow with the subject of the film, Kemal Pervanic. @ WT Young Auditorium
Roy Foster Making a Revolution in Ireland: Some Centenary Thoughts @ WT Young Library Auditorium
Presented by Professor Susan Larson (Hispanic Studies) Year of Europe Film Series: Once (Ireland/Czech Republic) @ WT Young Auditorium
UK Faculty Panel @ TBD
Presented by Professor Jeff Rogers (German) Year of Europe Film Series: Soul Kitchen (Germany) @ WT Young Auditorium
Presented by Professor Susan Larson (Hispanic Studies) Year of Europe Film Series: Biutiful (Spain/Mexico) @ WT Young Auditorium
02/17/16 to 02/19/16
Bale-Boone Symposium @ TBD
The Basque Language and People @ TBD


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