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Outstanding Teaching Awards

College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Teaching Awards

Each year the College of Arts & Sciences gives four Outstanding Teaching Awards, one each in the divisions of Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural & Mathematical Sciences and one for lecturers.  These Awards recognize excellence and outstanding contribution both in undergraduate and graduate teaching and in all aspects of teaching, not just class performance.  All tenured, tenure-track,and lecturer faculty with full-time or primary appointments in the College are eligible for these Awards, except for those  who have won this Award during the previous five years.  Each A&S Outstanding Teaching Award carries a one-time stipend of $1,500.

Nominations are invited each spring from the faculty in the College and all University of Kentucky students.  Nomination packets include:

  1. 1-2 page letter of nomination.
  2. A one-page cover letter from the Chair (or the DUS or DGS if the Chair is not nominating).
  3. No more than two additional letters of support (1-2 pages each) from faculty and/or students.
  4. A 1-2 personal statement on teaching
  5. No more than 2 sample course syllabi
  6. A numerical summary of course evaluations for the past four semesters.  You may also include written comment excerpts  (not to exceed 2 pages).

Please send nomination packets to in PDF format in a single email.  A committee appointed by the Dean will select the recipients of the Award.

Past Recipients of A&S Outstanding Teaching Awards

More information about the Certificate and the Winners can be found here.


Regina Hamilton, English
Mark Meier, Chemistry
Shaunna Scott, Sociology
Shannon Plank, Anthropology


Michael Carter, English
Jesse Johnson, Political Science
Nari Senanayake, Geography
Ashley Steelman, Chemistry
Anastasia Todd, Gender and Women's Studies
Martha Yip, Mathematics


Julia Bursten, Philosophy
Erin Richard, Biology
Akiko Takenaka, History
Thomas Troland, Physics and Astronomy
Heather Worne, Anthropology


Milena Minkova, Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Mike Zilis, Political Science
Tim Gorringe, Physics and Astronomy
Nathan Druivenga, Mathematics


Julie Human, Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Tony Love, Sociology
Terrance Draper, Physics and Astronomy
Ray Archer, Psychology


Alberto Corso, Mathematics
Lisa Blue, Chemistry
Mark Lauersdorf, Linguistics
Lynn Phillips, Geography


Renee Fatemi, Physics and Astronomy
Moises Castillo, Hispanic Studies
Charley Carlson, Psychology
Anna Voskresensky, Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Clare Batty, Philosophy
Emily Beaulieu, Political Science
Jeorg Sauer, Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Shannon Bell, Sociology
Jacqueline Couti, Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Stephen Testa, Chemistry
Kim Woodrum, Chemistry


Christia Brown, Psychology
Brenna Byrd, Modern & Classical Langusges, Literatures & Cultures
Yanira Paz, Hispanic Studies
Bradley Plaster, Physics & Astronomy


Ben Braun, Mathematics
Nathan DeWall, Psychology
Paul Koester, Mathematics
Linda Worley, Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures 


Chana Akins, Psychology
Juliana McDonald, Anthropology
Peter Mirabito, Biology
Leon Sachs, Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures


Irene Chico-Wyatt, Hispanic Studies
Joe Straley, Physics & Astronomy
Gregory Stump, English/Linguistics
Alice Turkington, Geography


William Griffith, Statistics
Richard Jeffries, Anthropology
Jeff Rogers, Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures


James Krupa, Biology
David Olster, History
Stephen Voss, Political Science


Jonathan Golding, Psychology
Ganpathy Murthy, Physics and Astronomy
Brandon Look, Philosophy


Denise Fulbrook, English
Tim Gorringe, Physics and Astronomy
Sung Hee Kim, Psychology