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New Account Review

Once your new award has been given an account number, your Post-Award Administration will contact you and review your account for the following:

New Account Review

  1. Receive individual spreadsheet ledger for each study
    1. Review Notice of Grant Award
    2. Review PADR
    3. Check start and end dates
    4. Check budget, tuition, equipment, F&A for accuracy
    5. Check for pre-award costs
  2. Familiarize the project's cost share and subaward/subcontracts
    1. Review subaward/subcontract
    2. Note PO and invoice information on ledger
    3. Track invoices with reconciliation
  3. Familiarize with RA, FA
  4. Schedule meeting w/PI to familiarize PI with:
    1. Review Cost Share Information Form (CSIF)
    2. Has a commitment been made on the grant
    3. Which expenses are required as cost share
    4. How will the expenses be recorded
    5. Review provisions and restrictions
    6. Notify Co-I's department of award and their responsibility related to the grant
    7. Review PADR remarks for specific reporting requirements or instructions to the department
    8. OSPA-RA
    9. How will the expenses be reported
    10. How will the expenses be funded
    11. Develop process for providing any required documentation, milestone, or cost share information to the PI
    12. Grant Services personnel and contact information
    13. PADR
    14. budget
    15. personnel
    16. equipment
    17. cost share
    18. SPA-FA
    19. Monthly Ledger
    20. SPA monthly reports
    21. alerting the PI and Dept. of any items specifically identified as a department responsibility
    22. make sure if budget is cut, the amount to cost share has been cut in proportion to the budget cut
    23. Verify items are listed on the SAP GMGRANTD cost share tab
  5. Account Maintenance
    1. Ensure justification for all payroll retroactive adjustments are documented and maintained for each account
    2. Monitor NSF 2-month rule
  6. Review Payroll
  7. Ensure annual Progress Report is completed and that payrolls are charged appropriately as of the date of the progress report
  8. Review Financial Reports or invoices from SPA for correctness
  9. Review non-competing Notice of Grant Award for budget changes and any restrictions or changes
  10. Non-competing renewal - complete budget and Internal Approval forms
    1. Check GMAVCOVRW for CAS items, zero budget sponsored class(es), budget overages per sponsored class (including F&A) as well as overall budget review for under-expenditure and no expenditure
    2. Verify all expenses posted in SAP are accurate and investigate any expected expenses that are missing
    3. Follow up on any JVs not posting in a timely manner
    4. SPA generally maintains a 10 day turnaround for JVs
    5. Initiate any required cost transfers as soon as errors are identified
    6. Complete budget revisions as needed for budget overages
    7. Maintain electronic & paper record retention according to UG and University policy
  11. Send monthly ledger and labor reports to PI's
  12. Maintain all source documentation for each grant including receipts for travel, procrad edits, JVs, reconciliation record
  13. Review expenses
    1. Order budgeted equipment as soon as possible
    2. Reconcile grants monthly
    3. Reconcile to SAP & BW
    4. Run ALN screen per WBS element
    5. Run BW PI Exec. Summary Report
    6. Review for payroll, errors
    7. Ensure payroll cost distributions and DOE's are revised in a timely manner so payroll will charge correctly
    8. Ask PI if all personnel working on the project have salary charging to the project
    9. Monitor Graduate Student issues - salary funded from grant, tuition, frequent changes

Who to Contact:

Post-Award Administration

For all questions after your proposal has been awarded, the Post-Award Administration Staff is responsible for managing proposals that have been funded by a sponsoring agency.
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