Maternity Leave for Lecturers

The policy described on this webpage applies to full-time lecturers who hold their appointments in the College of Arts and Sciences.

An approved variation of the university statement on maternity leave, the college policy grants a two course reduction in a lecturer's teaching responsibilities in the semester of (or after) the birth or adoption of a child. The lecturer may also bank the remaining courses that she would offer that semester for teaching in a subsequent semester ( but not later than in the next academic year).

A lecturer may request of the dean this teaching reduction through her department chair. The lecturer is encouraged to lodge her request in the chair’s office at least one semester prior to the academic term in which the leave will be taken to ensure the department has sufficient time to plan for the instructional shortfall.

The college will provide the lecturer's department with reasonable resources to replace teaching that is lost through the granting of maternity leave. This policy does not preclude the possibility, in circumstances involving a medically complicated pregnancy, of a lecturer on the advice of her physician requesting sick leave with pay for an extended period not to exceed six months. The university policy states:

Sick leave may be granted to faculty by the Provost or Senior Vice President. Eligible faculty who are totally disabled are entitled to six months’ sick leave with pay after which the Long Term Disability Plan, for which the university pays the full cost, becomes operative. Sick leave with pay for more than six months requires approval by the Board of Trustees.

Sick leave is also requested of the dean through the lecturer’s department chair.