Mail Migration FAQs

What do you mean by migration?

UK is moving faculty and staff mailboxes from on-campus Exchange servers (located in McVey Hall) to the Office 365 cloud.  

I have several archive files--will these be affected by the move?

No, only your Exchange emails are being migrated.  These are the ones that you can access through the web portal (  Since your archive files are stored on the A&S file server, they will not be changed in any way by this move.  

Am I going to get more mail storage on the new mail system?

Yes, the default Exchange mailbox is 1.5 GB, and on Office 365, your mailbox quota will be increased to 50 GB.  

I use Outlook on the Windows desktop in my office.  What will I need to do to make Outlook work after the migration?

Ideally, nothing.  On the day that the migration is finalized for your department, your Outlook may perform very poorly for several hours and may even seem locked up.  UKAT advises to just leave your Outlook running in the background and use webmail ( to access your email until the migration is completed.  Once the migration is over, you will be prompted to restart Outlook one or two times, and you may be prompted for your email password a few times over the first couple of days.  If your Outlook has not returned to normal 24 hours after the migration, please alert the A&S help desk:

I check my email in the web browser by going to  Is that address going to change?

Yes, the new mailboxes can be accessed at, but don't worry if you forget the new address.  If you try to log into after your mailbox is migrated, you will be provided a link to the new Office 365 website.  

I get my UK email on my phone/tablet/laptop.  Is that going to break in the transition?

It might.  Some mail apps make it through the migration without needing any adjustments, but you can smooth your transition by checking your settings ahead of time. 

For iPhone/iPad using Mail app

For Outlook on Mac

For Apple Mail: 

For Outlook on Windows: The Windows laptop I use didn't require any adjustments.  Outlook was slow to launch the first time after the migration but worked normally after that.  

For Outlook App on Android:

For Android and other mail apps:  Everyone's settings will look sightly different across mail devices and apps, but it seems like Android devices do consistently break in the transition.  You will need to go to settings and remove your existing Exchange account and re-add it either as Exchange, Office365, or imap.  For username, use (ex. use instead of ad\sgcond2) and supply your linkblue password.  If your phone still won't connect, you may need to manually provide the Exchange server address:

I forward all my UK mail to gmail (or another mail provider).  Will the migration to Office 365 affect me?

Nope!  Only users with Exchange mailboxes will have changes made to their accounts.  

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