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ehco224's picture
TA in Organic Chemistry, PhD candidate
Amyloid Beta dissociation, Biochemistry
CP 186
oaab222's picture
PhD. in Geography/Teaching Assistant
Home, Place and Placelessness, Sacred Landscepe, Palestine, Belonging, Nation States, Storytelling
822 Patterson Office Tower, Office Hours: Mondays 3-5pm
tsab222's picture
jbabne2's picture
Graduate Student
aab239's picture
Graduate Student
jad242's picture
Graduate Student
702 Patterson Office Tower
cad234's picture
molecular dynamics, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Enzymes, calcium, Physical Chemistry
233 Chemistry-Physics Building
(859) 218-5406
aad247's picture
QAI222's picture
200 CAER lab2
xai222's picture
Graduate Student
859 257-3941
NAJ222's picture
Graduate Student
Astronomy & Astrophysics
(859) 257-3941
eak222's picture
Graduate Student
Levent Akinci's picture
maal246's picture
Graduate Student
902 Patterson Office Tower
nwal222's picture
PhD Candidate
nhal222's picture
Assistant lecturer since 2008 at the Department of Translation, Mosul University, Iraq., I am currently on a scholarship for a PhD program in English Literature
ztal223's picture
Graduate Student in Statistics
348 MDS
GMAL226's picture
translation studies, Second Language Acquisition
aaal234's picture
Graduate Student
kval225's picture
Anthropology Ph.D. Student
Eastern Woodlands, hunter-gatherers, incipient horticulture, environmental archaeology, Paleoethnobotany, anthropogenic landscapes, stable isotope analysis
anal239's picture
Graduate Student
Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Language Perception, Inter-group communication
1622 Patterson Office Tower
malkh2's picture
POT 1049
atal228's picture
Anthropology Ph.D Student
aal494's picture
1122 POT
dman227's picture
CLP Graduate Student
kman238's picture
Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant
1606 Patterson Office Tower
aan224's picture
Graduate Student
paan223's picture
Teaching Assistant
Phenomenology, History of Philosophy, German Philosophy from Kant to Nietzsche, 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy;, epistemology
1406 Patterson Office Tower, p.antich@uky.edu
JEANTR4's picture
Graduate Student
722 Patterson Office Tower
aar224's picture
Graduate Student
CP390, CP154 (Lab)
859-420-4355, 859-257-2511 (Lab)
spar225's picture
Analytical Chemistry, Neuroscience, Origin of Life, Biophysical Chemistry, Electrochemistry
CP 212
soas222's picture
Research Assistant
Mass spectrometry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Biomass and Lignin Chemistry
A061 ASTeCC Building
cpas224's picture
Graduate Student
902 Patterson Office Tower
njas224's picture
Anthropology USP Student
hrat222's picture
HAT223's picture
Graduate Student , Graduate Research Assistant, TA in Organic Lab
Organic Chemistry, Chemistry Materials, Electrochemistry, Energy Storage, spectroscopy
bcaugu2's picture
eav226's picture
Research Assistant
217 Slone Research Building
aeba232's picture
Graduate Student
First Language Acquisition, syntax-semantic interface, Psycholinguistics, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science
POT 1622
rkba224's picture
Graduate Student
200A TH Morgan
(859) 323-3160


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