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Confidentiality: Open Records

In light of the Kentucky Open Records Act of 1992, the University of Kentucky is unable to assure that the written judgments of persons consulted in connection with appointments, promotions, and/or tenure decisions can be maintained in confidence. Thus, writers of such judgments should not be given assurances of confidentiality. The college asks chairs, in their conversation and correspondence with all writers of judgments, to state explicitly the following information:

Letters such as yours written on behalf of a candidate for appointment, promotion, or tenure are only available to persons participating in the formal review process except that they are also available upon request by the candidate (and only the candidate) under the terms of the Kentucky Open Records Act of 1992.

The University, in compliance with the Open Records Act, has established a procedure by which an employee may request access to his or her file. Faculty wishing to see their official file, which in the College of Arts & Sciences is maintained by the Dean's Office, should contact the Associate Dean of Faculty.

Department personnel files are not open to inspection except by those individuals with an official need to review or maintain a department personnel file or dossier, that is to say senior faculty and administrative staff within the academic department. Chairs must make vigilant efforts to maintain the confidentiality of personnel files and dossiers housed within department offices, while in no way attempting to obstruct an employee's right to request access to his or her record in the manner outlined above.