Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the runner schedule?

A: The normal schedule for our student runner to pick up documents and receipts is listed below. 

     Monday-3PM, Stops at POT, EES and THM

     Tuesday-3PM, Stops at POT and THM

     Wednesday-3PM, Stops at POT, THM, and Kastle Hall

     Thursday-3PM, Stops at POT, EES and THM

     Friday-3PM, Stops at POT and THM

Peterson Service Building and other Locations are frequented as needed.


Q: How do I log into SharePoint?

A: Follow the instructions found here


Q: When I try to open the Excel Spreadsheet from SharePoint, I'm not able to do so successfully. 

A: Ensure you are logged into SharePoint in Internet Explorer. Using other applications prohibits you from opening documents in SharePoint. 


Q: How to I pay for a restaurant meal?

A: You can submit a triage ticket here.


Q: My department is hosting a conference, where do I begin?

A: Please follow the guide found here


Q: How do I change my settings in Triage to reduce the amount of email notifications I receive?

A: Follow the instructions found here


Q: How do I read all my reports?

A: The Business Center has compiled some onine tutorials that will go into explicit step by step detail and instruction on how to read each report.


Q: Which hotels should I use for upcoming events and guests?

A: A list of direct bill hotels used within the college can be found here.

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