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Award Close-Out Checklist

All postings to the grant will be blocked on the termination date and no expenses may post after that date.

If you are requesting an extension or you know of any problems with the grant, please notify your post award Administrator in A&S, who will work with you, your FA in RFS and your RA in the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) immediately so that we do not close the grant or submit an incorrect report to the sponsor.

Please review grant and related scopes for the following:


Verify that all expenses posted to the grant are accurate and complete and comply with the sponsor and university policies. Your Post Award administrator will Review the GMAVCOVRW transaction UKDEFAULT variant, in IRIS-FI production in order to view all over-budget or unbudgeted items, total budget and total expense of the grant. The PI is responsible for the monthly review of the PI Reports and for reviewing the "PI Letter" sent from RFS a few weeks before closout. Verify all open items have been resolved and completed in IRIS-FI production especially ME2K.


Verify that all subcontract and purchase order invoices have been completed, received and paid if appropriate. 


Review all personnel expenses posted to the grant through the human resource system (IRIS-HR) to verify that all charges are posted correctly.


Verify that the effort committed to the project in the proposal for all key personnel is recorded accurately and variances are documented.  Verify that all faculty distribution of effort (DOE) forms are recorded accurately in the IRIS-FES system.


Indirect G/L accounts that are not specifically budgeted in the project or any costs deemed unallowable should be removed before the termination date.  According to the University's Costing Guidelines for Sponsored Projects, any of these costs remaining on the grant after this date will be moved to the Dean's Indirect Overrun Cost Center by Sponsored Projects Accounting.  Costs moved to this cost center may be transferred to another non-sponsored cost center at a later date. 


Review any expenses over and above the awarded or budgeted amount.  Expenses over and above the total amount of the award that directly benefited the project will be moved to the Dean's Direct Overrun Cost Center by Sponsored Projects Accounting upon closing the grant.  These expenses are considered cost share and cannot be transferred from the grant prior to closing.  Costing Guidelines do not allow expenses moved to the Dean's Direct Overrun Cost Center to be transferred to any other cost center or grant.  A budget revision to this cost center must be processed to cover the expenses.


Please review your Cost Share Information Sheet, if applicable, and guarantee that the commitment made is fulfilled, posted correctly to the IRIS-FES system and fully funded. If outside of the IRIS-FES system, please make sure it is documented correctly and sent to Sponsored Projects Accounting for verification. Any unfulfilled commitments could result in a reduction of budget and refund to the sponsor. Any refund amounts resulting from unfulfilled cost share commitments will be charged to your department.


If you have any questions or know of any potential problems with completing the close-out of this grant on time, please call 257-3662.

In accordance with the University's Costing Guidelines for Sponsored Projects, it is the responsibility of the principal investigators, department heads and unit fiscal officers for compliance with those guidelines.  In addition, it is the responsibility of the principal investigators, department heads and unit fiscal officers to retain records to support the data and expenses related to this project for at least 5 years after the grant has ended.  The information above is provided to assist you with your responsibilities. Who to Contact: Post-Award Administration For all questions after your proposal has been awarded, the Post-Award Administration Staff is responsible for managing proposals that have been funded by a sponsoring agency.


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