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Research Interests: Cartography, GIS, Web mapping technologies, Open Source Technology, data visualization, climate change, climate science
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PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant
US history; Civil War Era; Early Republic; religion and politics
1706 Patterson Office Tower
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MALTT, 2016
Discourse Analysis, Conversation Analysis (CA), neurogenic communication disorders
1322 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
Chemical Biology, Proteins, DNA, Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Biochemistry of Neurodegenerative diseases
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Ph.D. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2015
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Adjunct Instructor
America in the World, US History, Human Rights, War crimes, Global Cold War history, Peace Studies
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Ph.D. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2017
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Associate Professor
Learning, Pigeons
211 Kastle Hall
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web mapping, spatial analytics, Drone Imagery
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Ph.D. Student, Teaching & Research Assistant
Natural Resources Modeling integrating Spatial Autocorrelation
1422, 14th Floor, Patterson Office Tower, Office Hours: T & R: 9:00 am–11:30 am
8592576956, gga234, gga234
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Ph.D. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2014
Regeneration Biology, Developmental Biology, Reproductive Biology
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MALTT, 2022, MA Student- Linguistics, MS Student- Library and Information Science
Sociolinguistics, Appalachian Englishes, Corpus Linguistics, Library and Information Science, Digital Humanities, Digital Scholarship, Archives
004 Miller Hall
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MALTT, 2020
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Ph.D. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2017
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Behavioral Neuroscience & Psychopharmacology, Advisor: Dr. Chana K. Akins
Sex Differences in Cocaine Sensitization
012G - Kastle Hall
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Graduate Student
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111E Kastle Hall
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Political Ecology, Property, the Commons, ethnography, Archives, American South
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Computational Linguistics, Phonetics, Sociophonetics, Sociolinguistics
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German Idealism, Nietzsche, Critical Theory, Existentialism, Environmental Philosophy
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PhD Graduate, Biology
microbiology, Sleep and Circadian Rhythms, Chronobiology, Biotechnology
302 THM
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Assistant Professor at Erskine College, Instructor for War and Society
French Revolution, Napoleon, Catholicism, Religion, Saint-Domingue, Nuns, Religious Orders
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Graduate Student
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Teaching Assistant
Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Technology, Artificial Intelligence
1402 Patterson Office Tower
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Teachers Assistant University of Kentucky
102G Lafferty Hall
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urban geography, Political Ecology, Environmental History, Urban Morphology, Critical Urban Theory, Urban Planning and Design, Historic Preservation, Sustainability and Environmental Change, Urban Agriculture, Urban Metabolism and Infrastructure Networks, Gentrification, Urban Landscapes
822 Patterson Office Tower
(270) 670-6559
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PhD Graduate, Biology
TH Morgan 334
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PhD Candidate in Gerontology
Social Network Analysis, LGBTQ, aging, Quality of Life, identity, Health, Dissimination, translation, mixed methods
401 Multidisciplinary Science Building
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MALTT, 2017
Second Language Acquisition, language revitalization, Greek Language, Sociolinguistics, Biblical Studies