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MALTT, 2020
Sociophonetics, Acoustics, Psycholinguistics, speech anatomy, communication sciences and disorders, language variation in public schools, Speech Perception
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MALTT, 2015
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Anthropology Ph.D. Student
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Political Ecology, organic agriculture, rural geography, Commodity Chains and Networks, Jordan, Middle East, feminist political geography, development
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PHD Candidate, Biology
interests: Developmental Biology, regenerations, Genetics, epigenetics and genetic diseases
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MALTT, 2021
Ancient History, Appalachian literature and culture, Folklore, lexical morphology, Gender and Language, Humor, women's humor, Language Change, Comparative Latin Morphology and Syntax, Discourse Analysis, Latin Literature in its continuity
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Socioeconomic and geographic disparities in the United States, Spatiotemporal data modeling and analysis, Web mapping technologies
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Teaching Assistant, Doctoral Candidate
Ancient Philosophy, Ancient Mystery Cults, Plato, Ancient Medicine, Social Epistemology
1406 Patterson Office Tower
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Africa, Activism, Youth, Tanzania, Organizations, Social Movements, Volunteering
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MALTT, 2020
Language and Identity, Prosody, Language and Materialism, Language Documentation and Revitalization, Pidgins and Creoles
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Mesoamerican archaeology iconography/epigraphy landscape political economy craft production, Archaeology, Community development, cultural ecology, Livelihoods; Household Political Economy; Political Ecology; Natural Resource Management; Anthropology of Youth; Migration; Land Use/Land Cover Change; Global Information Science (GISc); Feminist Critiques of Gender, ethno-history, Latin America
859 777 2000
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Graduate Student
POT 1722
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Analytical Chemistry
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MA Student, Teaching Assistant
Digital geographies, Society & Technology studies, Human-Computer Interaction
822 Patterson Office Tower
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cultural anthropology, higher education in the US, Social Movements, critical race studies, diversity and equity, institutional ethnography
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German Idealism, Social & Political Philosophy, Critical Theory, Hegel
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P.hD. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2019
106 MDR3
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Graduate Student
1722 Patterson Office Tower
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Anthropology M.A. Student, AGSA Secretary 2020-2021
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Anthropology MA Student
Mental health; Sociologies of Health; Illness and Disability; Sex and Gender; Aging and the Life Course; Families, Discrimination, housing and the social relations of property and rent
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Ph.D. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2020
Ecological Engineering, Community interaction, Ecology, Population dynamics, Evolutionary feedback, Eco-Evo-Devo
Thomas Hunt Morgan building, room 101
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PhD Graduate
Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Developmental Biology, Transcriptomics, Regeneration
B443, Biomedical Biological Science Research Building, University of Kentucky
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2016-2021: NIMH K99/R00, 2014-2016: T32 Postdoc, UNC Chapel Hill, 2013-2014: Intern, Duke University, 2014: PhD, University of Kentucky
ovarian hormones, menstrual cycle, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, suicide, Borderline Personality Disorder
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Anthropology M.A. Student
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Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
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Social Psychology Graduate Student; Advisor: Dr. Nathan DeWall
Social Rejection, Aggression, Cultural Differences
0004 Kastle Hall
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1318 Patterson Office Tower
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Ph.D. Student in Statistics
semiparametric regression, Nonparametric regression, Machine Learning
348 MDS
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