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Anthropology USP Student
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M.S. Student in Statistcs, Teaching Assistant
MDS 336
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Developmental, Social, and Health Psychology
Kastle Hall 0002
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Teaching Assistant
1722 POT
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Ph.D. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2016
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MALTT 2014
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MALTT, 2018
Sociophonetics, Dialectology, Computer-mediated Communication, Sociolinguistics, Speech Perception
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M.S.Biology - University of Kentucky, 2016
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MALTT, 2017, Sociolinguistics
Racialized Language, Historical Sociolinguistics, Neurolinguisitcs, Language Contact and Sprachbünde, Language Planning and Policy, Mother-Tongue Education, Sociphonetics, Social Equity, Critical Race Theory, Cultural and Media Studies, Discursive Psychology, Language Ideologies, Entextualization
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Ph.D. Student in Statistics
Variable Selection, Dimension Reduction
MDS 305A
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Ph.D. Candidate in Statistics, Research Assistant
334 MDS
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data analysis
305 MDS building
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Ph.D. Student in Statistics, Research Assistant
Sufficient dimension reduction, Sufficient variable selection, Multivariate Analysis, data analysis
305 MDS Building, 725 Rose Street, Lexington, KY 40506
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Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant for the University of Kentucky Psychology Department, Research Assistant for the RISK Lab
Disruptive Behavior Disorders, Personality, temperament, impulsivity, risk-taking behaviors
111G Kastle Hall
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